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Testimonials from people who have come across the creator of this site.

Name: Payal Maharaj [F]
Country: Fiji
Current Job: Scientist/ Researcher
As a member of the Pacific Islands Leadership Program (PILP) cohort, I got to know more about Philemon and his work with the disadvantaged communities in his home country, Papua New Guinea. We all realized that most people promised mountains but actually took a road humps initiative to do community work while Philemon was making a huge difference even without flattered public speaking and fame. The way Philemon, innovatively brought progress by utilizing technology and traditional knowledge has paved way for many PILPers to think beyond the limitations of the norms.
Philemon, an artist, an educator and a philanthropist has surprisingly made a mark for himself in Taiwan and Hawaii and I know he will be one of those good people who will contribute positively and wholeheartedly for the best interest of his people and the world.

Name: Pamela Carlo [F]
Country: Vanuatu
Current Job: Senior Program Manager, Infrastructure, AusAid Program
I got to know Phil as a participant in the Pacific Islands Leadership Program Generation 2 (PILPG2) with Taiwan in August - November, 2014. He had a quiet nature and shared his artistic talents and skills through drawing, Information Communications Technology and digital art. Philemon lead a production team who successfully produced a video for the various trips and trainings that the group had undertook.
As a member of team, I witnessed entire commitment Philemon had put into organising, doing interviews right through to editing the the production clips. He displays complete professionalism through his role and takes work more important than relaxing. I am privileged to meet a very talented person like Phil who has the ability to see the great potential in his friends and encouraged them to achieve their own goals and vision too.

Name: Jerome Haua [M]
Country: Papua New Guinea
Current Job: 4th Year Student, Theatre Arts, UPNG
I have mistakenly forgotten my password code for my HUAWEI phone and found it hard to access the phone. After searching around for help, I came to one of my friend who recommended me to see Mr. Phil from ArTech. He got the phone from me and was talking to me for about a minute then gave it back to me and told me that it was alright now. I couldn't understand because I saw him did nothing to the phone instead was talking to me the whole time with the phone on his palm. He had remarkably quick hands and I think he knows more about what he's doing.
I find this an interesting testimony and hereby wish to share this with anyone having problem with anything Information Technology (IT) to try him out because I heard that he always had an answer to every single problem he came across that is IT related. It is incredibly amazing.

Name: Solomon Yand Nathan [M]
Country: Papua New Guinea
Current Job: 3rd Year Student, HRM, UPNG
I am doing my 3rd year Human Resource Management at the University of Papua New Guinea. I came across Mr. Phil when I got into a stressful situation regarding my laptop. It was the beginning of the academic year 2014 and I was preparing for my studies. After returning from holiday, I wanted to use my laptop; however I couldn’t log in because I forgot my password. I tried several times to log in but failed and that was when I heard of his skills in reseting passwords. My heart was troubled because all my important files were in the laptop. I took my laptop (Acer, windows 7 Ultimate Version) and gave it to him. Without the use of any software, he reset my password and gave me access to my files.
All these was done within less than 7 minutes. I couldn’t believe how he got into the computer in less time with speed, accuracy and without the use of any software whatsoever. I thankfully appreciate his extraordinary skills and hope him success. May God continue to bless your talents.

Name: Oseha Ajokpaezi [M]
Country: Nigeria, Residing in PNG
Current Job: Managing Director, Greta Designs Limited
I have known Philemon (Phil) for over 15 years, first as a student when I was Art Lecturer and former Head of Visual Arts in the faculty of Creative Arts, University of Papua New Guinea. He is currently a Lecturer in Arts & Design division at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Papua New Guinea.
Since his return from studies abroad, I have observed that he has developed extra-ordinary skills in areas of computing. One of those many skills that has impressed me most is his ability to deal with, delete and clean computer Viruses without the use of traditional softwares like Norton, Avast or AVG. He does it manually amazingly with speed and accuracy. I do hope he will harness and market his unique skills to the benefit of the wider society at home and abroad in this age of Computer Technology.

Name: Loyd Desouza [M]
Country: India
Current Job: Adviser - SNS Program -NEFC (PNG)
Phil was tasked to come with a redesign of the National Economic & Fiscal Commission's Website in November 2011. His final product was a true testimony of his talent and professionalism. He is well tuned to listening to client's needs without being overpowering

Phil is very diligent and hardworking individual with a high level of ethics. His desire to impart knowledge and promote learning was very much evident. Testimony of this can be seen on the NEFC website

Name: Jesse Shrock [M]
Country: Australia
Specialises: Digital video, Web Applications
I studied multimedia alongside Philemon for 18 months, and in that time I came to know him as one of my most hard-working and dedicated classmates. Phil not only has a natural talent for the graphic arts, but also the patience and determination needed to master the technical skills – like Flash programming and 3D animation – capable of turning these natural talents into slick and professional multimedia projects.
Amongst my classmates, Phil became known for two outstanding characteristics. One is his stamina – his ability to work tirelessly on a task, sacrificing sleep, until it is done to his satisfaction. The other is his generosity of spirit – how, even when facing pressing deadlines of his own, he would be willing spend hours helping a classmate with one of their projects.
I couldn’t recommend enough that Philemon be considered for any role that where artistic flair, indomitable work ethic and just general good character are seen as desirable..

Name: Mansi Gawri [F]
Country: India
Specialises: Designing, Video & Visual Effects
You r a GEM, an extraordinary person with diverse Qualities. Words would be less to describe a legend like you. Your Qualities and abilities will move the World. Above all you are a good human with a humble and generous heart and a Very dear friend of mine. So a talented person (PHIL) will Tear the world apart from his skills. God bless you.... U rock BUDDY.

Name: MATTAVAPHAN Purithas [M]
Country: Thai
Specialises: Video ,Web, Animation

I know Phil when I study master of multimedia in Australia. He has vast abilities to do so many thing that I’m so amazed at. He seemed to be an expert in every subject and field when we study. He does extremely well with html Website or flash interactive Websites. He's also a guru in 2D & 3D Animation. Anyone who work with him or consult him would acquire many benefits, because he work so hard and sometimes he never sleep. I recommend him for every busineses.

Name: Madhuvanthi Rangaswamy [F]
Country: India
Specialises: 3D Modelling & Graphic Designing
Phil is a very calm person with great multimedia skills.
If I have to be specific he is fantastic in 2D Animation and Web development. He inspires me, as he strives hard to complete the goal. His time management and organisation skills have always earned him success. I am extremely happy to be associated with phil for all his talent and personality. I am also proud to be his friend and wish him all success in his future endeavours.

Name: Wilfred Kepui [M]
Country: Papua New Guinea
Specialises: Web and Motion Graphics
Well, I’m so glad to have come across Phil and to have him as my Graphics lecturer and tutor. To me, he’s a Pro!! He’s someone I look up to. He’s my role model (I guess he doesn’t know that). Phil is an outgoing sort of guy and if you come to know him, you’d wish that you could posses all his capabilities. There are lot of things I’ve learnt from him and time management is one of them. When he gives you something to do with a strict deadline, meet it! Don’t mess with him, he doesn’t like excuses. I like that and that’s something great! Besides that, I want to thank him for everything he’s given me and I know that one day I’ll be like him but like he always say “Practice makes perfect”!! To the organizations that he’ll be working with, you made the right choice. I can promise you that there’ll be no regrets. Once again, Thanks!!!

Name: Joseph Echano [M]
Country: Phillipines
Specialises: Web development, audio-video

Phil is hardworking, highly committed and driven to the highest level to perfect his craft. He is also ready to help others in multimedia work. However, he needs to relax a bit, enjoy life and learn more to take some other perspective to generate more creativity and class in his work..

Name: Vinaya Roy [F]
Country: India
Specialises: Web,Graphics & Project Managemnt
Phil is a very hard working guy, any one who come across him would tell you that, he has this ability to focus and work for hours in detail. Most importantly he has been always kind to his colleagues, always ready to help when needed.
I very vividly remember the time when his animation that scored high and was shown in the class by our lecturer.
He is highly talented, and is a great artist as well.

All the best for your future endeavours, I am affirmative that you will do the best.

Last Updated: 14th June 2018

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