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Aidibal Art Workshop:

Graphic Designer with the left-foot: Supporting Cornelius explore his creativity despite barriers. A showcase of Cornelius' website and his works; all done by himself with little help from his dad.- 2017
+ Bukawa Theatre: A Movie Drama shot in the jungles of Bukawa in Morobe Province..-January 2007
+Snake Charmer: A Documentary for Papua New Guinea's Original Snake Man-Patrom Saku..-December 2008
+ Uki Theatre: A Video Documentary for the Theatre Group-December 2010..
+ Walium Workshop: Drawing and Painting Workshop-July 2011..
+ Aidibal Workshop: Drawing and Painting Workshop-July 2011..
+ Marketing Talents: From Local to Global [promoting local products..]
+ ICT Training: Bridge Digital Divide creating Digital Opportunities
[A range of video tutorials for digital training]

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